Mud treatments

Mud treatment or peeling in the mud room

Mud treatment or Peeling in the mud room
20 min
7,00 €

Mud packs

Our mud packs involve the application of natural peat directly to the body whilst the guest is lying on the soft-pack lounger. Afterwards you can simply relax and enjoy the sensation of weightlessness on our soft-pack lounger, which is a type of bed that floats on water. The pleasant water temperature enables the beneficial effect to unfold and spread throughout the whole body. The active ingredients in the peat penetrate deep into body tissue and thus ease pain. In addition, the warmth allows muscles to relax and strain on the joints is relieved. 

Partial Mud pack
20 min
24,00 €
Full Mud pack
20 min
28,00 €

Mud bath

Mud baths are taken at approximately 42 °C and usually last 15 minutes. This is followed by cleansing and resting. Mud therapy usually entails the prescription of several mud baths in a row and they are often intended as a spa treatment or a preventative measure. We recommend that you consult your doctor prior to arranging a mud bath. 

Mud bath
15 min (insgesamt 50 min)
45,00 €
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