Kisssalis Moorraum Headerbild Paar Mit Moor Und Peeling

Moor room - a relaxing extra in between

Would you like to round off your thermal bath and sauna visit with a beauty treatment with your companion or your friends? A special treat is on offer at the moor room on the gallery of the Thermal Landscape. Here, in contrast to other classic mud baths, you yourself apply the hot natural moor onto your body. Afterwards you relax on warm stone recliners under infrared light while the moor takes its effect. This type of moor application was specially conceptualised at the KissSalis Thermal Spa and combines the relaxation of a modern wellness treatment with the valuable effect of the natural moor.

Does moor not appeal to you? You are welcome to choose a nurturing, seasonal peeling.

Opening times: 

Sunday to Thursday
11:45 am to 5:45 pm (last round)

Friday to Saturday
12:45 pm to 6:45 pm (last round)

Experience the effect of moor - good to know

Would you like to round off your stay with a visit to the moor room? It is this simple... We recommend this treatment for the end of your visit to the thermal baths, so that its effect can unfold properly on your skin.


Bookings can be made at the display in front of the moor room on the day of your visit to KissSalis


Determine your preferred time of stay and reserve it on your chip bracelet


Choose moor or peeling according to your preference


Apply the moor / peeling by yourself or let a companion do it (or, of course, our staff member on duty can assist)


Relax on the warm stone recliners


Rinse off the moor or peeling under the shower


Maximum of 5 people


The treatment is in the nude

For even more relaxation...

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