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Enjoy the warmth. Relax in the sauna and steam bath

A total of 9 different saunas and steam baths, a large sauna garden with outdoor saunas, beautiful rest rooms and a lounge area, which contribute to your feeling of well-being, make the Sauna Park in the KissSalis Thermal Spa the ideal place to relax and recharge.

You can choose the type of sauna that suits your mood: classic in the Finnish sauna, romantic in the earth sauna, or with moderate warmth in the sanarium. Numerous scent ceremonies and infusions, e.g. in the garden sauna, offer a variety of experiences.

The Sauna Park at the KissSalis Thermal Spa is nude; you enjoy the sauna in the nude or with a towel wrapped around you, but without swimwear

Our saunas at a glance

A great number of saunas are available, both indoors and outdoors, for you to choose from.

Whether ‘sauna light’, classic Finnish saunas or steam baths - in the Sauna Park you will find a wide spectrum of offers and applications with different temperatures and different degrees of humidity.

All saunas at a glance

The sauna as a source of health and wellness

A sauna bath does not only provide you with a feeling of wellness, but has as a whole many positive and health-promoting effects on the body and the psyche.

In the sauna bath the human organism learns through the hot-cold stimulus to react more flexibly to environmental influences and thereby to handle stress situations better. And besides, a regular sauna visit strengthens the circulation and the immune system.

What actually makes the sauna bath so healthy? And mostly: What is the right way to take a sauna? You will find plenty of information regarding this in our Sauna Tips.

Do you love infusions? We offer different infusions and scent ceremonies with the greatest variety of essential oils hourly. Discover the variety with our infusion planIn between the different sauna sessions you can relax at the Sauna Bar and enjoy some refreshments. Freshly squeezed juices, warm and cold drinks such as coffee specialties, slake your thirst, and little snacks will revitalise you between sessions.

And by the way, a sauna session is also the ideal preparation for a massage: the muscles are already loosened up and the relaxation is more effective, quicker and more intense.

Our tip: Always be aware of how your body is feeling when you are in the sauna. That way, you will know best what is good for you.

Relaxation offers in the Sauna Park

Besides the different saunas and steam baths, the tranquility landscape (which was only recently enlarged during the summer of 2020) with its fireplace, infrared recliners, spa beds, floating recliners, and a stunning sun terrace, invites you to relax.

Alternatively, there are lovely snacks and cool refreshments at the Sauna Bar for you to enjoy.

All saunas and relaxation options at a glance

Impressions SaunaPark

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Infusions and scent ceremonies make a visit to the SaunaPark a special experience

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Sauna tips

Tips & tricks for sauna professionals and those who want to become one

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Pure relaxation in our thermal spa area with 1000 square meters of water and 10 pools - already included in your entry

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Massagen & Wellness

Let yourself be pampered during your stay...

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Culinary offer

Round off your visit to the sauna with a healthy and tasty snack...

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